3D Scanning

We streamline projects to continuously deliver better results for your chute solutions

Weba leverages 3D scanning technology to minimize risk and maximize cost-effectiveness

Precise, robust, and portable, 3D laser scanners have proven to be an invaluable solution when designing, building, restructuring, and extending technical facilities because of their advanced ability to create detailed and dimensioned reproductions of large complex structures. By surveying large structures in maximum detail, we can take a holistic approach to replacing and repairing customers’ equipment, ensuring the most accurate, cost-effective, and quality chute products and services.

We generate 3D models from on-site conditions and accurately reverse-engineer complex equipment and systems. Design engineers can then superimpose the scan on their design intent and identify any interference, existing defects, redundant elements, structural deformations, and undocumented historical alterations. This allows us to proactively resolve any issues before they occur, preventing prolonged downtime, cost overruns, and ineffective solutions.

The Weba difference

Technology alone is not enough

Many companies offer 3D scanning, but do not have the in-house skills and expertise to process and effectively utilize the collected data for successful mining and engineering projects. This ability, combined with our commitment to staying abreast of best practices to continually improve our systems and workflow processes, has made Weba a market leader.

Our extensive experience has given us the practical skills to optimally gather and apply complex 3D scanning data, enabling more precise and reliable planning, scheduling, designing, and manufacturing of transfer chutes and services. Mining companies come to Weba because they trust us to deliver seamless execution while minimizing project risks, contingency costs, and time overruns, especially in time-sensitive conditions that demand a low margin of error and minimal downtime.

We streamline common surveying tasks and troubleshoot problems to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results, which normally take weeks to accomplish with traditional methods


Our 3D Scanning is an ideal solution for:

  • Predetermining a new equipment design for accurate integration into existing infrastructures
  • Obtaining accurate measurements from a safe distance quickly
  • Maintaining progressive quality control during construction
  • Creating accurate preliminary designs and costing for feasibility studies
  • Inspecting and surveying large equipment and structures
  • Generating 3D models from on-site conditions and conducting accurate reverse engineering

Our 3D Scanning delivers multiple benefits:

  • Reduced costs on reworking from design and manufacturing to installation
  • Decreased downtime during installation phase
  • Reduced need to physically visit sites and carry out inspections
  • Reduced project risks and margin for errors in time-sensitive situations
  • Improved planning and scheduling through the provision of precise and reliable data
  • Accurate preliminary design and costing for feasibility study
  • Faster and easier inspection of large equipment and structures
  • Real-time project tracking
  • Far greater accuracy than manual measuring
  • Minimized health and safety risks