Engineering design, manufacture and installation of new WEBA transfer chutes

We pride ourselves on comprehensive analysis of our clients’ needs to thoroughly scope all projects, so we can cost them appropriately and realistically. Our process leaves no stone unturned and differentiates us from our competitors.

Our design team adopts a simple philosophy: To give a total solution for problems traditionally associated with transfer points.

Certain materials are much more challenging to transfer than others and we have the experience and know-how to find cost-effective solutions.

Our manufacturing is tailored to meet client standards and the standards required by the country or state.

Once the chute is ready our professional team provide installation of equipment or supervision thereof, depending on client requirements.

Transfer chute refurbishments and retrofitting

We offer chute refurbishments, which typically involve replacing existing components or chute sections which are no longer fit for purpose. This includes replacement of doors, wear components, rubber materials and auxiliary items.

We also offer retrofitting, or replacing a client’s existing chute (often a competitor’s chute), and designing a customised WEBA chute to fit within the constraints of the clients building and performance requirements.

Site transfer chute maintenance, inspections for condition monitoring, repairs, replacements

Our teams carry out chute maintenance every three to six months, which involves replacing components, wear materials, auxiliary items and more. And we’re experienced working within the rules and requirements of each site and make safety our number one priority.