Tripper Car Chute

Weba Chutes Systems improve many bulk material transfer results

Typically, tripper car chutes are designed for material transfer where the incoming conveyor and the outgoing conveyor are the same. Achieving transfer in this application is accomplished by raising the head pulley to the required height above the main belt line and the belt is returned to the main line by way of an ‘S’ shaped belt line configuration.

The supporting structure for the chute, head pulley and return pulleys is designed to run on wheels as a single unit complete with a drive that is able to move the entire transfer point along the extent of the conveyor by way of supporting rails along either side of the conveyor line.

Tripper car chutes are typically designed to support a configuration where the chute is required to bypass the main tripper conveyor to discharge into a line of individual bunkers or bins that lie below the length of the tripper conveyor.

In cases where there is a head chute at the head end of the tripper conveyor line, the tripper chute will be designed with the ability to feed either to the bins or bunkers below or back onto the main tripper conveyor line in order to continue on to the head end chute.

There are many different tripper chute configurations and in all instances each transfer chute is custom engineered to suit the individual requirements for each application.

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