Conveyor to Conveyor Chutes

Weba Chutes Systems improve many bulk material transfer results

Conveyor to conveyor transfers chutes are specifically engineered to ensure the optimal control of material being discharging onto the outgoing conveyor.

This is extremely important to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership for any bulk materials handling system.

Absolute control of material will

  • Significantly lower belt impact caused by the uncontrolled discharge of material
  • Reduce wear caused by uncontrolled or uneven discharge of material
  • Ensure material loading is centralized and does not cause the conveyor to run out.
  • Reduce material splatter or spillage generally caused through material and belt speed mismatch.
  • Reduce excessive dust caused by spillage and uncontrolled material discharge

While not only providing an extended service life to the outgoing conveyor, the innovative and unique Weba Cascade Chute System offers reliable material transfer, significant reductions in wear and are maintenance friendly.

In instances where either sticky material or where contamination is of concern, the Weba Superflow Chute System provides exceptional flow control by eliminating high impact zones within the chute. This ensures a longer chute lifespan with far lower maintenance requirements when compared to conventional liner chutes.

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