Bifurcated Chutes

Weba Chutes Systems improve many bulk material transfer results

The super flow bifurcated chute system is designed for the controlled transfer of material from an incoming conveyor onto two receiving conveyors.

Super flow chutes are typically designed for low abrasion & sticky material, i.e.: coal

Bifurcated chutes allow for two different configurations:

  • Proportional split allows for the feeding of material to both receiving conveyors simultaneously with the ability to control the percentage of the split anywhere from (100%/0%) to (0%/100%).
  • 100% split allows for redirecting the entire feed of material from one receiving conveyor to the other only.
  • This chute is designed to cater for 100%/0%, 50%/50% & 0%/100% splits.

Bifurcated chutes are specifically designed to the requirements of the transfer & are not limited to only conveyor to conveyor transfers.

Super flow chutes are ideal for applications where cross contamination is a concern.

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