Our legacy spans four decades in the bulk material transfer sector. With over 5000 custom installations, our expertise sets us apart as industry leaders.

Our custom solutions are designed based on the full spectrum of the transfer point conditions, providing an economical and efficient product. We use sophisticated, state of the art software & equipment in the design & manufacturing process to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Our solutions offer reduced degradation, less maintenance, lower levels of dust and noise pollution and a minimised risk of injury resulting in safer working and living conditions for employees and neighbouring communities.


Cascade Chute System

The Weba Cascade Chute System offers absolute control over material flow, velocity and direction to decrease maintenance and improve life expectancy. The ingenious design successfully eliminates the need for a liner to protect the chute shell, safeguarding the chute from damage by utilising material on material impact. Weba chutes offer multiple conveyor belt loading, ensuring maximum belt capacity usage with minimal material spillage.


Superflow Liner System

Instead of relying on a dead box system, the Weba Superflow Liner System uses liners with easy to replace components. This patented design drastically reduces downtime and allows for cost-effective maintenance.



to enable the efficient and safe transfer of bulk materials, to create sustainable improvements for businesses and safeguard neighbouring communities. Friendly to our planet and people. We’re committed to lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the environmental impact of the material handling process.

WEBA; proudly moving resources for a bright, sustainable future.