The mining industry’s preferred transfer chute systems

Weba provides total solutions for any transfer point problem

Our transfer chute product line consists of two main systems:

  • The Cascade Chute System​​​​​The
  • Superflow Liner System

The Cascade Chute System

Providing great financial savings to the end user, the Cascade Chute System is designed to carefully control material flow, velocity, and direction. This system solves nearly all problems associated with transfer points.


  • Maintenance costs can be seven times lower than traditional chutes
  • Save on belting costs, which are typically the most expensive item — this system ensures materials are not dropped on the belt in free fall during transfer, which can damage the belt
  • Reduced system wear, thanks to material on material impact
  • Easily adjustable when material characteristics change
  • Easily replaceable components

The Superflow Liner System

Typically recommended where materials have a high clay coefficient ratio, the Superflow Liner System incorporates all the design principles of the Cascade Chute System but uses liners rather than a dead box system.


  • Minimized shutdowns for liner replacement, thanks to our 12-month liner life span — unlike the six weekly shutdowns required for other chutes
  • Minimized downtime, as planned shutdowns can occur every 12 weeks rather than every six
  • Substantial increases in production
  • Easily replaceable components

The Cascade Chute System

The reason why the Weba Chute has become so efficient and preferred in the mining industry lies with the Cascade Chute System. With no need for a liner to protect the chute, the key to the success of this chute lies in the ingenious design. While other chutes simply allow materials to tumble down the chute, this method can cause serious damage thus resulting in more maintenance and a shorter lifespan.

Weba vs. Conventional Chutes

Weba Chute Systems should not be compared to conventional chute systems as these locally manufactured systems adopt a completely different approach to the control and handling of bulk materials. Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, says these are transfer points are an improved alternative to traditional chute systems.

The Weba Chute System is based on the lined ‘super tube’ or cascade system, whereby much of the material runs on material at all times. The bottom layer of particles in the product stream moves in a tumbling motion and subsequently does not slide down the chute. This not only reduces the wear significantly, but in many cases the lip remains completely covered by material and never needs replacement.

Weba Chute Systems takes this means of controlling material movement a step further by designing the internal angle of the transfer chute to match the product discharge velocity with the belt speed, which eliminates or greatly reduces spillage. Extensive experience and technical expertise, coupled with applications knowledge, has positioned Weba Chute Systems as the leader in its field, Baller notes.

Each Weba Chute System is custom designed for a specific application, considering factors such as belt width, belt speed, material size and shape, as well as throughput. Other benefits include reduced production losses due to less blockages, significantly reduced spillage and vastly improved safety levels. Inspection and maintenance are facilitated by easy access, while the Weba Chute System does not require ongoing supervision, which translates into reduced labour and related.

The Superflow Liner System

The WEBA Chute withstands a tremendous amount of weight with the impact of every load of mining material in need of transporting. The chute liner, while made of from the most appropriate materials to get the job done properly, but they generally don’t last a lifetime. This means that when the time comes for the chute liner to be replaced, you need to make sure that you replace it with the very best the industry has to offer.

Our chute liners are exceptionally cost-effective and they are made to fit the Superflow Liner System.

The whole purpose of the liners is to protect the chute by cushioning the materials which are being transported. They are also capable of stopping materials from falling off of the chute and causing damage to the conveyor belt and the various loading areas. Weba designs, manufactures and installs liners while we can also assist with maintenance such as replacing.

We can incorporate the Weba Transfer Chute System during the design phase of a new project, or we can also retrofit it to upgrade your established project


The most advanced manufacturing technologies with a personal touch

Weba South Africa’s modern factory near Johannesburg is well equipped with qualified, committed employees and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities, including CNC plasma-cutting machines. We use the finest-quality materials to ensure that our world-famous products have a long life span.

While we have the resources to complete the largest projects, we give you the personalized care and service that helps your business grow and makes our partnership enjoyable.

The manufacturing process

  • A unique job card with a client’s specific requirements is received
  • Certified material is procured and undergoes plasma cutting
  • Individual chute sections are assembled and then trialed
  • The chutes are inspected and welded to specification by certified welders
  • A dedicated team of grinders and fettlers handle the cosmetics
  • After inspection and release, these items receive corrosion protection
  • Finally, all loose components are assembled, followed by loading and delivery

All manufacturing processes are observed, verified, and documented. This information and documentation form an integral part of our Quality Assurance process and the specific chute history, ensuring you get a customized, reliable product for improved material transfer.

Weba also uses fabrication contractors in Chile, Turkey, North America, and Australia. All our contractors abide by our strict QC procedures.

Success in the Manufacturing Process

The Weba Chute discharge and material handling system cannot be compared to the conventional chute design and solutions out there. Most conventional systems are made to adopt a different approach to the unique handling and controlling of bulk material. Where Weba differs is that the system is fully based on the lined super tube, otherwise known as a cascade system, which has been manufactured in such a way that the materials move across other materials at all times. The bottom layer of materials move in a tumbling motion and as such they won’t slide down the chute, and possibly cause damage. This system means there is less wear and tear on the system and the lip of the chute will remain covered by materials and as such won’t need to be replaced.

These systems are able to take the controlling of the movement of materials to the next level. The design of the internal angle of the transfer chute is created in such a way that it matches the velocity of the product discharge, which works to reduce or completely remove the risk of spillage. Weba employs exceptional experience and technical know-how, along with great application knowledge to fast become a leader in the industry.

As transfer systems manufacturers, Weba focuses on manufacturing custom designed chutes able to carry out specific functions. Factors including belt speed, belt width, the size and shape of the material being transferred and the throughput, can all be customised, to make the systems 100% suitable for the mine on which they are used. These discharge and material handling systems have benefits that go further than just making the transfer of materials a smoother task. The chutes are able to reduce material degradation while at the same time reduce dust and noise. Some of the other great benefits include less spillage, less blockage, and improved safety.

Transfer Solutions for the Mining Industry

These transfer solutions are not your average chutes and are designed for the tough job of moving the heavy earth and ore from deep beneath the mines. These chutes are made from appropriate materials, and can easily withstand the weight of what needs to be transported and as such downtime is just about eliminated and will not need much by way of maintenance.

Capability Statements

Our experience providing complete chute solutions for every type of transfer job around the world makes us the global leader

Take a look at our record. It speaks for itself.

  1. Anti-Segregation chutes
  2. Apron feeder chutes
  3. Bifurcated chute
  4. Bin – Stockpile – Silo
  5. Bucket Elevator chutes
  6. Conveyor to Conveyor chutes
  7. Crusher chutes
  8. Grizzly Chutes
  9. Inline Chutes
  10. Mill chutes
  11. Reclaimer Chutes
  12. Sampler Chutes
  13. Screen chutes
  14. Stacker Chutes
  15. Trifurcated Chute
  16. Tripper car Chute
  17. Truck / Train loading