WEBA SA’s modern factory near Johannesburg is well equipped with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities, including CNC plasma-cutting machines to manufacture our advanced WEBA SA transfer chute systems, now widely used around the world. Our optimal use of all our resources, skilled staff and equipment, ensure our position as leaders in the design, manufacturing and installation of engineered transfer point solutions, globally. Big enough to successfully complete larger projects, yet small enough to really care and accommodate.

The manufacturing process starts with the receipt of a unique job card with specific instructions relating to clients requirement. Procurement of certified material and plasma cutting follow. Individual chute sections are assembled and then trial assembled prior to inspection and release for welding.Coded welders make sure all welding are being done to specification. A dedicated team of grinders and fettlers take care of the cosmetics and after inspection/release, these items are ready for corrosion protection. Final assembly of all loose components take place prior to loading and delivery. All manufacturing processes are observed, verified and documented. All this relevant information and documentation are recorded in a data book. This forms an integral part of our Quality Assurance process and the specific chute history. WEBA SA has a great team of enthusiastic, qualified and committed employees that produce quality driven products, with-in specified time frames.

WEBA also uses fabrication contractors in Chile, Turkey, North America, and Australia. All our contractors abide by our strict QC procedures.

Designed and manufactured for the harsh conditions of mining anywhere, our streamlined scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling has always been the hallmark at WEBA SA.

WEBA has cemented its reputation for being among the world’s leading transfer solution system manufacturers. While the conventional chute design and solutions were once enough to get the job done, there has always been an issue with reliability and downtime. WEBA has changed this by revolutionising the way that chute systems are able to optimise on-site work.

Success in the Manufacturing Process

The WEBA Chute discharge and material handling system cannot be compared to the conventional chute design and solutions out there. Most conventional systems are made to adopt a different approach to the unique handling and controlling of bulk material. Where WEBA differs is that the system is fully based on the lined super tube, otherwise known as a cascade system, which has been manufactured in such a way that the materials move across other materials at all times. The bottom layer of materials move in a tumbling motion and as such they won’t slide down the chute, and possibly cause damage. This system means there is less wear and tear on the system and the lip of the chute will remain covered by materials and as such won’t need to be replaced.

These systems are able to take the controlling of the movement of materials to the next level. The design of the internal angle of the transfer chute is created in such a way that it matches the velocity of the product discharge, which works to reduce or completely remove the risk of spillage. WEBA employs exceptional experience and technical know-how, along with great application knowledge to fast become a leader in the industry.

As transfer systems manufacturers, WEBA focuses on manufacturing custom designed chutes able to carry out specific functions. Factors including belt speed, belt width, the size and shape of the material being transferred and the throughput, can all be customised, to make the systems 100% suitable for the mine on which they are used. These discharge and material handling systems have benefits that go further than just making the transfer of materials a smoother task. The chutes are able to reduce material degradation while at the same time reduce dust and noise. Some of the other great benefits include less spillage, less blockage, and improved safety.

Transfer Solutions for the Mining Industry

These transfer solutions are not your average chutes and  are designed for the tough job of moving the heavy earth and ore from deep beneath the mines. These chutes are made from appropriate materials, and can easily withstand the weight of what needs to be transported and as such downtime is just about eliminated and will not need much by way of maintenance.