With over 350 installations in the Manganese sector, the Weba Chutes team has extensive experience in designing transfer point solutions that increase throughput and reduce the potential for blockages. When working together with our clients, we can make installations at the most sensible time to ensure minimum downtime and disruption to operations. Some of the solutions we have provided to clients in this sector have been operational for over 20 years without any issues.


Our transfer point solutions in this sector vary in operation from bin discharge, silo discharge, plant feed, primary feed and discharge, secondary feed and discharge, tertiary feed, desliming screen discharge and product bin chutes. The product bin chutes can handle material with a maximum size of minus 75 to plus 6 mm, and this size distribution is all saleable products.

An essential factor in this particular application is the need to minimise the degradation of the material. Our chutes are designed to consider factors such as the feed rates, height of free fall, and repose angle. In these design applications, we access all relevant data, including the location of pulleys and the load requirement. By determining the optimum head pulley position, we can provide the best design configuration for each transfer application.

The Weba chute solutions are designed around the principle of conveyed material impacting on surfaces containing material and are configured to control the direction, flow and velocity of the calculated volume and type of material being processed. This level of material control is extended by designing the internal angle of the transfer chute to match the product flow with the belt speed. By doing this, it is possible to either eliminate or significantly reduce spillage.

Client Mine Number of
installed chutes
Sebilo Resources Sebilo Resources 4 RSA
Assmang Black Rock 140 RSA
South 32 Mamatwan 57 RSA
South 32 GEMCO 41 Australia
South 32 Wessels 100 RSA
Tshipi Tshipi 9 RSA