Market Benefits From Stronger Weba – Brelko Link

Market Benefits From Stronger Weba – Brelko Link

Media release – 11-06-2019


Two proudly South African companies are showing the power of collaboration in delivering innovative materials handling solutions in sectors from mining to food.

Leading transfer point specialist Weba Chute Systems and conveyor belt spillage control equipment experts Brelko Conveyor Products have worked together informally for over 20 years. According to Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, the companies will now formalise this partnership. This means promoting each other’s complementary products worldwide.

“There is close synergy between our product ranges, so our collaboration adds considerable value for the customer,” Baller says. “As importantly, our companies share the same commitment to customising solutions to customers’ challenges.”

With their decades of experience and extensive technical capability in product design and manufacture, the companies align their offerings for the best impact. This was recently demonstrated in a project to improve plant performance at a Gauteng beverage manufacturing facility.

“Weba Chute Systems’ in-depth scientific understanding of efficient material flow allows us to design solutions for various industries,” Baller says. “While our chutes in the mining sector can weigh up to 50 tonnes each, we were also able to design and produce 300 kg chutes for this beverage plant application.”

Jacques Marais, service area manager for Brelko Conveyor Products, says the plant was experiencing excessive spillage of hops from conveyors, as well as chute blockages. This caused costly downtime and meant the plant could not achieve its production targets.

“Working with Weba Chute Systems and leveraging our range of solutions for trouble-free material flow, we were able to provide a fit-for-purpose solution that countered all the challenges being experienced,” he says. The solution included the installation of Brelko belt scrapers, chute sealing systems (Keyskirt®), impact systems and feedboots on the locally manufactured Weba transfer systems.

Baller adds that Weba Chute Systems’ knowledge of the Brelko products allowed the company to engineer chutes with precise cut-outs and bracket positioning. This facilitates quicker installation, and it is envisaged that the material handling system installed at the plant will achieve performance expectations and continue to provide a cost effective solution.


Weba Chute Systems and Brelko Conveyor Products worked together to provide a fit-for-purpose materials handling solution at a beverage plant.

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