Level 2 b-bbee rating for transfer chute experts

Media release – 05-02-2020
Transfer chute specialist Weba Chute Systems has further upgraded its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating to Level 2.

According to Farouk Abrahams, sales director at Weba Chute Systems, it was a focus on skills and enterprise development that led to the ratings improvement.

3D Scanning Technology Leveraged In Custom Design Of Chutes

Local manufacturer of custom transfer points and chute systems, Weba Chute Systems & Solutions has leveraged the latest technology to ensure high quality results for its global customer base.

Managing director Mark Baller explains that using three-dimensional (3D) scanning technology during on-site assessments has enhanced the levels of accuracy which has, in turn, minimised rework costs in design and manufacturing, and significantly reduced downtime during installation.

Weba Chute Mechanism Saves Costs, Downtime At Diamond Mine

Challenging materials handling applications are the norm for Weba Chute Systems, and the company’s recent solution at a diamond mine in Botswana tackled the issue of large particle sizes to ensure more uptime for the customer’s operation.

The mine had been faced with replacing transfer chutes almost every three months, as they could not withstand the arduous operating conditions.

Weba Chute Systems Founder Earns Hall Of Fame Accolade

Werner Baller, founder and chairman of Weba Chute Systems, has been inducted into International Mining’s Technology Hall of Fame for 2018.

Werner Baller, founder of Weba Chute Systems.

Skill and expertise are the major differentiators that allow Weba Chute Systems to produce transfer point systems engineered specifically for a given application requirement.