WEBA Chutes Take Africa in Their Stride

WEBA Chutes Take Africa in Their Stride


With its custom-designed transfer point solutions at mines across Africa, Weba Chute Systems has proved its chutes in commodities from platinum to diamonds to gold, coal and copper.

In addition to mining hotspots including Ghana, Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Weba Chute Systems have been installed in countries like Tanzania, Mauritania and Eritrea. Authorised Weba Chute Systems agents are deployed to support customers in key countries, while technical experts from the company’s head office in Germiston, Gauteng, are on call to assist.

“Mines across the continent have recognised the value of our custom-designed chutes,” says Wade Vandenberg, Weba Chute Systems’ technical advisor Africa. “Not only do these operations gain the benefits of controlled material flow in their operations, but they experience first-hand how our engineering design extends wear life and reduces maintenance downtime.”

He highlights that better dust control – a key part of health and safety policies in the mining sector – is another important benefit that Weba chutes bring to an operation.

“Our state-of-the-art digital engineering design facilities and expertise makes use of the latest technologies to simulate the specific material flow conditions in each customer’s application,” says Vandenberg. “This allows us to apply our philosophy that no two chute designs are identical, and to scientifically accommodate exact flow characteristics into our design.”

Discrete element modelling allows close control over the flow of material through the chute. This minimises turbulence reducing the levels of dust created in the working area. It also cuts spillage levels, which in turn means a saving of valuable material and less time spent on cleaning activities.

“We work towards the ISO dust management standards, supporting our customers in managing health and safety in this critical area of transfer points,” says Izak Potgieter, systems manager at Weba Chute Systems. “Our testing measures dust down to 0,03 micron particles, to make sure that our designs meet stringent health-related targets.”

Flow control also creates more material-on-material movement to reduce wear on chute liners, ensuring longer liner life when compared to that of conventional chutes. Custom design and use of simulation technology allow for the wear life to be carefully predicted, based on operating conditions.

“Our technical expertise and solutions-oriented approach mean that customers can always rely on us,” says Vandenberg. “When we commission one of our chutes, it is part of an ongoing productivity journey with our customer, no matter where they are located.”

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