Ensuring that every chute produced is to specification and to the highest quality, Weba Chute Systems gives customers peace-of-mind through its process effectiveness systems.

According to Izak Potgieter, ISO systems manager at Weba Chute Systems, process effectiveness assures customers that this leading transfer point manufacturer follows detailed protocols for each stage of the ordering, design and production process of its custom-engineered chute systems.

“We apply a statistical process control (SPC) method right from the time that an order is placed, and this guides the process through to delivery,” says Potgieter. “This involves, for instance, careful verification and validation processes ensuring that all customer priorities and specifications are included in the design.”

This allows the design stage to use precise and accurate technical information such as exact belt speed, lump sizes and material characteristics – in turn resulting in reliable calculations for design and manufacturing purposes. Validation of the design is conducted, often using simulation methods, before it can advance to the drawing office for final, detailed design work.

“A comprehensive file of information allows us to apply an SPC check on every aspect, so that the design addresses all requirements and can be taken further to the manufacturing stage,” he says. “Manufacturing and nesting drawings are completed, and manufacture proceeds in line with a quality control plan methodology with various holding, witnessing and verification points.”

Final assembly is signed off before the product is disassembled for transportation. Weba Chute Systems then also provides a technical assistance service, where a technical advisor will be placed on site to guide the installation team.

“All of these process effectiveness stages are governed by our ISO certification, which has underpinned our quality performance for more than a decade,” says Potgieter. “Many of these processes are not even visible to the customer, but are critical in delivering the value we promise.”

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