Although there are several "look-alike" transfer chutes on the market, Weba Chute Systems' exacting original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements ensure that mined material and industrial materials move smoothly.

We have turned the design engineering, and manufacturing of transfer chutes into a science through years of focussed dedication. This ensures that our client's operations will not be hampered by unforeseen stoppages brought on by premature chute failure.

We want to draw attention to the common misconception that a chute is just a platework commodity that can be produced on demand by any general manufacturer or fabricator. This method has the risk that performance is frequently subpar, dependability is not assured, and there might be any technical support available when it's needed.

Our extensive design capabilities are augmented by our field experience, where we are constantly installing or improving systems to meet the specific needs of our customers. As a result, each transfer point solution is custom-engineered based on an in-depth assessment of the material and operating conditions at the site.

The design is from the ground up, with skilled draughtsmen using the latest specialised software to model material flow in line with operational needs. This facilitates optimising the material trajectory into the chute, out of the initial impact area, through the chute itself and into the discharge area.

Once a Weba Chute Systems product is installed, it can be inspected and maintained on a regular basis by specially trained technicians to ensure that it reliably performs the required duty.
We stand behind every chute we manufacture, assisting the customer to ensure a smooth production flow. Where the provenance of the chute is not clear, plants often do not know where to turn when problems arise.

We can provide valuable guidance at the planning stage about where the chutes - and thus certain other equipment - should ideally be positioned to improve efficiency and results because we have detailed knowledge of how transfer points or chutes work best.

Transfer chutes, while relatively inexpensive in the broader scheme of process equipment, can be the source of costly and significant operational issues, all of which can be avoided, if the correct chute is used.