WEBA Chute Systems provides a comprehensive spares and after sales service to all our WEBA Chute users.

The following services are provided to assist clients with maintaining optimal performance:

  • Onsite inspections
  • Maintenance trend reporting
  • Maintenance, maintenance supervision and service contracts
  • Supply of required spares
  • Construction service from full turnkey installations to supervision services.

As a value added service our field advisors routinely inspect all operational chutes and report not only on the wear status but also suggest performance improvements where possible.

These protracted inspections help establish wear patterns within each individually engineered transfer and help to detect changes in operating conditions e.g. wet summer conditions. These reports are exceptionally helpful for the end user to timorously monitor and prepare for maintenance and thus minimize production impact.

Besides regular reporting on chutes WEBA offers maintenance contracts to its clients whereby an installation crew is either permanently stationed on site or is present on maintenance days. These contracts are obviously tailored to suit the client’s needs.

Furthermore After Sales offers full installation services from full turnkey construction installations using our own skilled and experienced personnel or simply offering technical advisement on installations.

Probably the most important facet of the After Sales department is to roll out latest improvements to the existing chutes. These have included safety and service improvements which covered inspection doors, guards and at present is offering the Quick release lips (QRL’s) to all WEBA chute users and retro-fitting QRL to all transfers.