The Weba Difference

Mission, Values & Vision

Why choose Weba Chute Systems & Solutions?

Our uniquely holistic and scientific approach enables our clients to control the flow of material without sacrificing performance. Many have tried to copy it, but none have been able to master the quality and results of a genuine Weba-engineered transfer chute. And we’re always improving.

Our customised design, combined with the latest technologies, decades of experience, and exceptional service, allows us to engineer and easily maintain a product that will continually meet your current and future needs.


Regarded industry-wide as an improvement to the traditional chute system

Weba Chute Systems cannot be compared to conventional chute systems, as our engineering and manufacturing adopt a completely different approach to the control and handling of bulk materials.

See Our Unique Approach

Recognition for Werner Baller and his Weba Chute Patent

In the Bulk Handling category of the awards, Werner Baller was the 2018 inductee. He recognized a need in the mining and material handling industries. He steered his company to specialize in bulk material transfer and transformed it into what it is today: renowned as the producer of “the best-quality transfer chutes in the world.”

Our Mission

Enable the efficient and safe transfer of bulk materials, to improve our clients’ businesses and communities

Our Values

To achieve our mission and ensure our clients’ success and satisfaction, we uphold the following values:

We are committed to being honest and open in all that we do.

We are transparent in all our business dealings — from the coal face right through to the boardroom, we strive to share our processes and the rationale behind all that we do.

The enthusiasm of our people makes our success possible and lifts us from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We must always speak and act in ways that are respectful, and that honor what each and every person can bring to a conversation or project.

We differentiate our services by being a technology-driven firm that always strives to use the latest tools to create efficiencies that provide added value for our clients.

We are a company that believes in supporting the communities in which our clients operate.

We value cultural and ethnic differences, and we not only believe in, but practice, ethical behavior in compliance with local labor laws.

We take great pride in how our people interact with others, whilst delivering excellence to our clients around the world and creating effective partnerships with suppliers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world-leading transfer chute technologies to the industries we support. What we do and how we do it is making this a reality.

We started with a single location in South Africa and now have clients in 20 countries, offices on four continents, and partnerships worldwide.