WEBA is the pioneer of the world-renowned WEBA Transfer Chute System, which is used for bulk material transfer points across many industries.

The first WEBA iron ore chute was designed in South Africa in the early 90s and in the decades since, though many have tried to copy it, none have been able to master the quality and benefits of a genuine WEBA transfer chute.

The company employs the latest technology to produce a quality product that can boost production and the bottom line.

From concept design through to project delivery, WEBA is a global leader in providing tailored bulk material transfer solutions to the iron ore, gold, coal, chrome, manganese, diamonds, platinum and agriculture industries.

The company has installed more than 4,800 chutes worldwide, delivering products to Europe, Asia, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, USA, Russia and South America.


The Board of WEBA sets and maintains well-executed corporate governance policies that reinforce the responsibilities of all the Directors and Management. The Board reviews and updates its corporate governance policies on an annual basis and as necessary to ensure all policies meet best practise.

About the WEBA Chute Conveyor Belt Systems

Every type of mine needs to have an efficient way to transfer materials. When no system is available, mines become ineffective and work slows down, which in turn, slows down production and can lead to fewer profits. The removal of materials, when done correctly, can minimise downtime, reduce the need for maintenance, and provide the right kind of sustainable solutions.

The founder of WEBA noticed the gap in the market and came up with a brilliant chute concept that went on to become a must-have on-site machine. To date, there are more than 4000 well-maintained WEBA chute systems located on various mines across the globe. Our top material transfer solutions have been effectively improving the work being done on mines for the last 50 years.

As far as mining and engineering transfer solutions go, the WEBA Chute has been perfectly designed to control the direction of the material transfer, the flow of the materials, as well as the velocity of the materials being moved. All kinds of minerals, ores and soils can be effectively processed using the WEBA Chute, as our systems are made using the very best, high-quality materials.

But one of the biggest reasons why the WEBA Chute has become the mining world’s preferred system is because the chute can be customised according to each specific application. The belt width, belt speed, material size and shape, and the throughput, are all taken into consideration and customised where necessary.

With a completely streamlined and scientific approach to the design and manufacturing of each chute, WEBA is able to provide each client with a number of exceptional benefits. During the design phase, customisation means mines will enjoy reduced maintenance, better transfer conditions, higher throughputs, and a longer conveyor belt life. The chute systems are also equipped with the very best software during the design phase. Finally, when the chute is manufactured, it is done so using the finest quality materials to ensure that WEBA renowned long lifespan.

These mining and engineering transfer solutions are able to offer clients performance guarantees which are made out in accordance with various application and operation parameters. Once the chute is delivered, you can be sure that it is fit for the job at hand and can immediately improve the work carried out on each mine.

The Brief History of WEBA

With roughly 150 well-trained, experienced employees and an ingenious CEO at the helm, WEBA has quickly become the leading mining and engineering transfer solution provider in the world. The company was founded by Werner Baller, the current CEO, who has more than 27 years of combined, unmatched experience in both the engineering and mining industry. He has 9 patents to his name, and the WEBA Chute System is one of them.

WEBA was founded in 1994 when Mr Baller purchased M&J Engineering which was later renamed WEBA. At the time, this company was a small mining supply operation while today it is a leading global brand, working in more than 10 countries.

It was while Mr Baller was working in the mining industry that he saw the need for a reliable transfer chute. He used his insight and his truly visionary intellect to steer the small company on a new path, one that would fast grow WEBA and produce the best chute systems the world has ever seen!


Recognition for Werner Baller and his WEBA Chute Patent

In the Bulk Handling category of the awards, it has been a close-call judgement for the panel of judges between Dick Stahura Sr. of Martin Engineering and his quest to control “Durt” and improve belt conveying, and Werner Baller, Founder and CEO of South-African based WEBA Chute Systems. Werner Baller is the 2018 inductee, a man who recognised a need in the mining and material handling industries. He steered his company to specialise in bulk material transfer and transformed it to become what it is today: renowned as a producer of “the best quality transfer chutes in the world.”

With more than 27 years’ experience in transfer chute systems and over 45 years total experience in the mining and engineering industries, Baller has developed nine patented products including the WEBA Chute System.

It was during the early 1990s, that the company conducted a comprehensive study into the negative and cost incurring aspects of conventional chute design and then set about designing a transfer chute which would eliminate these problems. The result led to the birth of the WEBA Chute System – a patented, streamlined, scientific approach to the dynamics of bulk materials handling at transfer points.

The WEBA Chute System was patented in 1991. A program of continuous development and improvement has seen various other patents being lodged over the years, the latest of which is the WEBA Swing Chute, Patent 2013/09648.

Current Managing Director of WEBA Chute Systems is the founder’s son, Mark Baller who in his own right has over 20 years’ experience in the mining industry, in manufacturing and project management. He is supported by Alwin Nienaber, Technical Director at WEBA Chute Systems, who has over 23 years’ experience and this team is considered the perfect succession plan for the business.

Weba Chute Systems pioneered the engineered transfer point and it was through the company’s ability to view it in a completely different way that industry is today able to control the flow of material with all the benefits that this brings

WEBA Chute Systems should not be compared to conventional chute systems as these South African engineered and manufactured systems adopt a completely different approach to the control and handling of bulk materials. These are considered by industry as an improved alternative to traditional chute systems.

The system is based on the lined ‘super tube’ or cascade system, whereby much of the material runs on material always. The bottom layer of particles in the product stream moves in a tumbling motion and subsequently does not slide down the chute. This not only reduces the wear significantly, but in many cases the lip remains completely covered by material and never needs replacement.


Consistent Innovation And Improvements

It’s easy to think that once the initial WEBA Chute System was designed, the design process was cemented. But as with all great innovations, consistent changes and improvements are at the core of the success of this mining and engineering transfer solution. The mining industry is constantly growing and changing, and mine owners are always on the lookout for the next best thing for their mines.

WEBA is committed to constantly improving their designs, so as to stay on par with industry standards and to ensure that the system is able to keep up with the mining industrie’s unique, often heavy duty requirements.

The team at WEBA is highly inventive and truly able to think outside of the box and provide creative yet workable and reliable products, attachments and all round solutions. Engineers, planners, designers, draftsmen, procurement and management staff, as well as in-house manufacturing staff, are responsible for both creating new products while also serving the various needs of their global clients.

That being said, as the team has worked towards improving the WEBA Chute System, their work has resulted in a variety of patents related to the WEBA Chute. One of the most noteworthy patents is the WEBA Chute Swing.

Currently, the list of WEBA products include:

  • The Cascade Chute System

This one of a kind system is guaranteed to become a great way to save money with its controlled material velocity, flow and direction design process. There are minimal maintenance costs involved with running this system, the most typically high cost component of the system, the belt, is designed to withstand damage causing material drops, the system is easy to adjust, the components are easy to replace and finally, the system is not easily worn down.

  • The Superflow Liner System

Designed to transfer materials with a high clay coefficient ratio, this system includes the basic design principles of the Cascade Chute System along with liners rather than a dead box system. Some of the benefits you can look forward to include fewer shutdowns to replace the liners, more time to plan shutdowns, improved production and the components are easily replaceable.

Our Global Footprint

Mines all over the world can benefit from having a WEBA Chute or any one of our reputable patented products. Our main manufacturing factory and the location of most of our expert team is Johannesburg. From here we carry out our state of the art design and various manufacturing processes from our top notch facility.

Our manufacturing process is world-renowned for its dedication for producing the absolute best products, from the best materials available. Every system is suitable for just about any mine, and as we also offer customised systems, there is very little we can’t do when it comes to mining rolling conveyors.

Operations and the reach of our products include mining sites in Europe, South America, Australia and Africa. We have offices in Chile, Australia, and Mauritius while our main headquarters, serving clients in those countries with an office is based in South Africa. We also have agents in Russia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Botswana, the USA and Turkey.

We pride ourselves on the superiority of our products and on our ability to provide genuine solutions for mining material transfers. We are the experts in transfer chute systems.