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Over 50 years of excellence in transfer chute systems

Weba Chute Systems & Solutions pioneered the world-renowned, patented Weba Transfer Chute System. We pride ourselves on our superior products and ability to provide tailored bulk material transfer solutions, from concept design through to project delivery and maintenance. We serve many industries, including mining (iron ore, gold, coal, chrome, manganese, diamonds, platinum) and agriculture.

Our chute systems are equipped with the most advanced software, and have been improving material transfer and the entire mining process for over half a century. Our customized chutes are perfectly designed for any mine, any material, and any application.

Whatever your bulk transfer needs are, we’ll provide a solution that can improve your productivity, safety, environmental impact, and bottom line.

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WEBA Corporate

At Weba, we are committed to delivering quality at an optimal price by embracing technology and innovating our solutions. We believe that those who move materials, build the world and we’re dedicated to building a world that can grow, fuel and feed the generations to come.

The Global Leader

Our offices in South Africa, Australia, the USA, and South America are run by talented professionals who are dedicated to providing best-in-class transfer chute solutions around the world.

We deliver products to:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Russia
  • South America
  • Canada

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The Weba Chute Conveyor Belt Systems

Every type of mine needs to have an efficient way to transfer materials. Without a system, mines become inefficient and unproductive, hurting revenue. The removal of materials, when done correctly, can minimize downtime and maintenance, and provide sustainable solutions.

Our streamlined, scientific approach to transfer solutions offers clients exceptional benefits and performance guarantees based on various application and operation parameters. Rest assured that it will immediately improve the work at each mine.

Consistent Innovation and Improvements

It’s easy to think that the initial Weba Chute System design was the be-all and end-all, but as with all great innovations, consistent changes and improvements are at the core of its success. The mining industry is constantly growing and changing, and mine owners are always looking for the next best thing for their business and community.

Weba is committed to constantly improving their designs to keep up with industry standards and their unique, often heavy-duty requirements, as well as evolving environmental regulations.

Our team is highly inventive and thinks outside of the box to provide creative yet workable and reliable products, attachments, and total solutions serving the various needs of our global clients.

Our products include:

  • The Cascade Chute System
  • The Superflow Liner System

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