Using effective 3D scanning technology, WEBA can troubleshoot problems and streamline common surveying tasks to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results which traditional methods would normally take weeks to accomplish.

The high-precision, robustness and portability of modern laser scanners, along with their advanced ability to create graphic and dimensioned reproductions of large complex structures in great detail has made 3D scanning a proven technology and invaluable solution when designing, building, restructuring and extending technical facilities.

WEBA 3D scanning service offers an efficient method for 3D surveying of large structures and reduces the need to physically visit sites and carry out inspections.

WEBA 3D Scanning is an ideal solution for:

  • Predetermining a new design (equipment) integration
  • Obtaining accurate measurements from a safe distance
  • Maintaining progressive quality control during construction
  • Creating accurate prelim design and costing for feasibility study
  • Inspecting and surveying large equipment and structures
  • Creating accurate reverse engineering
  • Generating 3D models from on-site conditions

WEBA 3D Scanning delivers multiple benefits:

  • Reduces costs on reworking from design and manufacturing to installation
  • Reduces downtime during installation phase
  • Reduces project risks and margin for errors in time-sensitive situations
  • Improves planning and scheduling through the provision of precise and reliable data
  • Provides accurate prelim design and costing for feasibility study
  • Enables faster and easier inspection of large equipment and structures
  • Measures project progress in real time
  • Minimizes health and safety risks

The design and manufacture of the WEBA Chute System is exactly what makes the system as efficient as it is. At WEBA we place a huge emphasis on the design and manufacturing phases of the entire process. It is at these two key phases that problems can be easily fixed before the system leaves the factory but it is also at these phases that the exact size and shape of the mine can be successfully mapped out. By using laser scanners, we are able to create a complete impression of the mining structure and come up with the customised WEBA Chute that is perfectly suitable for the job at hand.

The Cost of a Badly Designed Chute

Time and again, mines have experienced the side effects of having a badly designed and manufactured chute. Generally, it leads to more than just a drastic drop in productivity each and every time the chute breaks or whenever it needs to be rigorously and regularly maintained. But when the design and manufacture stage is perfectly carried out and the mine is scanned, the benefits go beyond money.

A chute which is manufactured to suit the mine in which it will be used, can benefit greatly from having access to 3D scanning. Once we have mapped out the exact inner structure and mine layout, you are guaranteed to receive the chute that is perfect for material handling and distribution. All of the scanning is done above ground, and on-site, reducing the need for anyone to physically enter and map out the exact twists and turns that characterise the site.

This precise mapping greatly reduces the chance of mistakes happening during the manufacturing of the system but this approach to the design and manufacturing also means that safety risks are greatly reduced. In many ways, the WEBA Chute is ideal for those mines wanting to improve their safety standards.

3D scanners can be used on any mines, and are very rarely affected by the depths of the mine.

The cost of a badly designed chute is all the greater when you have not had the benefits of a 3D scanner. Allow us to help you achieve a greater level of safety and productivity.