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Weba Chutes Successful in Fine Coal and Sticky Material

The same advantages of the Weba Chute System cascade effect whereby material runs on material are being achieved with lined chutes and transfer points.

Mark Baller, managing director of Weba Chute Systems, says that lined transfer points and chute systems designed and manufactured by the company are proving successful in a number of applications both locally and internationally.

Applications include the handling of fine power station coal, synfuel where latex and pine tar binding agents have been added making the material stickier than normal and other difficult materials like limestone.

Commenting on the decision to use liners in these applications, Baller says that this is generally a material specific application and is applied where the characteristics of the material being conveyed means that the internal angle of friction results in a bonding effect that will inhibit material flow or blockages will occur.

“In these instances a lining material is selected that will reduce the amount of friction and facilitate the flow of the material through the chute,” Baller explains. “By applying the Weba Chute System principles we have been able to achieve excellent control of the material being conveyed and virtually eliminate blockages even with the stickiest materials.”

In one particular example, power station coal with a particle size of minus 25 mm and with an 80% fines content of minus 3 mm the material is being transferred without any hindrance. In addition, issues such as spillages and excessive dust have been addressed through the design of the actual transfer point.

Belt loading is another area which is known to create problems in the movement of sticky material and it is essential that the outlet configuration is engineered to achieve optimum belt loading and minimal impact.

Each Weba Lined Chute System is custom designed for the specific application taking into accounts factors such as belt width, belt speed, material sizes, shape and throughput.

Easy access has been provided for inspection and maintenance purposes. Another advantage is that it does not require ongoing supervision, translating into a saving in manpower and related costs.

Extensive experience and technical expertise coupled with applications knowledge has positioned Weba Chute Systems as the leader in its field, and design of systems is done using sophisticated 3D computer software.

Data received from the customer is always verified, and in many instances the highly skilled personnel at Weba Chute Systems are in a position to make cost saving recommendations to the customer.

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